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Constructive Evaluation has a team of experienced Geo-Environmental specialists, able to provide full Contaminated Land assessments or soil screening as necessary to fulfil the requirements of construction projects and to satisfy the planning process.

Ricky Jumps-For-Jim


On Saturday 23rd September 2017, one of our surveyors jumped out of a plane for a good cause. 

The Cause

[PICTURED: Jim Cronin, Founder of Monkey world. Source]

The Jim Cronin Memorial Fund is a charity run out of Monkey World. It was started by Jim and his wife on 7 August 1987 as a refuge for apes and monkeys. Jim spent his life fighting against illegal trading of the animals and the centre continues his work today. In a partnership with Go Skydive, the charity started the #JumpForJim campaign which Rick decided to get involved in.

The Jump

Rick Young had originally anticipated a jump from 10,000 feet but his first and second jump dates were cancelled due to low cloud and high winds respectively. As a result he decided the extra 30 seconds of freefall you get from a 15,000ft jump was worth the additional height. Once you're up there 'high up' is just 'high up!'

After turning up to the center for the third or fourth time, he was finally given the go-ahead. Skies were clear, winds were at low levels and it was (finally) great weather for a jump. 

[PICTURED: Rick at 12,000 feet]

"All I can say is if you ever get the chance to skydive, do it! I would not hesitate to do it again."

Rick raised £615 (£515 on Justgiving and £100 registration) for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund and extends his thanks to all who sponsored the jump. 

Huge congratulations to Ricky from all of us at Constructive!

Rick's JustGiving page can be found here: Rick Young #JumpForJim


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