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Constructive Evaluation has a team of experienced Geo-Environmental specialists, able to provide full Contaminated Land assessments or soil screening as necessary to fulfil the requirements of construction projects and to satisfy the planning process.

Electromagnetic and GPR Concrete Scanning


Electromagnetic and GPR concrete scanning has become the preferred method of non-destructive reinforcement determination and inspection throughout the construction industry. To maintain structural and seismic integrity, engineers are frequently requesting that embedded reinforcement be avoided when cutting or coring through concrete structural elements.

Hilti ® manufacturers the industry leading Ferroscan & PS1000 X-Scan concrete scanning equipment. Both items of concrete scanning equipment have been upgraded for 2018 and Constructive Evaluation Ltd are pleased to stock the latest equipment as to undertake concrete scanning works.

Using concrete scanning equipment such as the Hilti® PS200/250 Ferroscan or Hilti® PS1000 X-Scan, our trained personnel can efficiently and very accurately map reinforcement within a structure.  

Further to locating reinforcement, Electromagnetic and GPR concrete scanning can determine:

  • Rebar spacing, depth, layout and identifying multiple reinforcement layers

This extensive, critical information helps our clients’ engineers understand the makeup of various concrete elements.

  • Locating post tension strands & cables

P.T. Cables can hold up to 45 tonnes of tension and, if severed, the release of this tension can force them to break out causing structural damage and loss of support within the structure.

  • Location of conduits, underfloor heating elements and services

Cutting conduits, high voltage lines, data lines etc. can be both catastrophic and very costly. Scanning of an area before cutting can almost eliminate this risk.

  • Concrete thickness

Thickness of structural elements can be determined using GPR techniques

  • Location of encased steel beams

RSJs encased in concrete can be located and identified avoiding the breakout of concrete to expose such supports.

Concrete scanning by electromagnetic & GPR equipment is also useful when preparing for a renovation that includes electrical outfitting, plumbing, fire protection services, drain installation and duct work.

 At Constructive Evaluation Ltd we have the necessary technologies to facilitate your project. Both time and money can be saved by utilizing our Electromagnetic & GPR concrete scanning services before you cut, core or drill.

If your application is not listed above please contact us, as we may be able to assist you in your requirements. Please call our surveying department on 01243 533499.

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