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Constructive Evaluation has a team of experienced Geo-Environmental specialists, able to provide full Contaminated Land assessments or soil screening as necessary to fulfil the requirements of construction projects and to satisfy the planning process.

Load Testing of Glass Barriers and Cladding Systems


Glass barriers and glass cladding systems particularly within commercial spaces could, if they fail, lead to serious injury or death. The legal and financial repercussions of proven negligence to maintain glass, and the failure to provide safe barriers and cladding systems could have serious legal and financial ramifications for businesses. Glass testing of in-situ glass installations is a subject increasingly asked for.

Constructive Evaluation were instructed to carry out glass testing in commercial units across the UK for a major national retailer. The brief was to load test a representative sample of glass panels in each store to establish if they could withstand pressures of 0.6Kn/m - this was deemed by the client’s structural engineer to be the force at which an adult may fall into the panels and the force at which compliance with BS 6399: Part 1: 1996 would be achieved.

A bespoke load test was devised by Constructive Evaluation that allowed the required pressure to be applied to each panel of glass evenly and in incremental stages. Failure of the panels was deemed to occur when units started to de-bond from the substructure, when the panels deformed beyond the frame in which they were situated, or when the glass panel broke. In an alarming number of cases the glass failed via one of the above modes before the 0.6Kn/m load was achieved.

The reports on glass testing provided by Constructive Evaluation allowed the client to take preventative measures in stores across the UK to protect members of the public and staff, and also allowed them to greatly reduce the risk of injury and harm as a result of glass barrier or cladding failure.

Constructive Evaluation operate throughout the UK and, in addition to load testing, can undertake glass testing for thickness of panes and cavities (in double or triple glazed units) and can establish whether glass has been toughened without the need for a kitemark (where they have been omitted or covered).

CE also offer a range of comprehensive services, including Ground Investigation, Site Investigations, Materials Testing and Building Surveying.

Please get in touch with Sam Clee (Building Surveyor) on telephone number: 01243 533499 or send an email to sam.clee@theconstructivegroup.com if you would like to discuss any of these matters further. 

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