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Constructive Evaluation has a team of experienced Geo-Environmental specialists, able to provide full Contaminated Land assessments or soil screening as necessary to fulfil the requirements of construction projects and to satisfy the planning process.

Dragons for Kew Garden Pagoda


In August 2016 Constructive Evaluation Limited were instructed by Hockley and Dawson on behalf of their client, Historic Royal Palaces, to undertake a testing regime to the proposed Polyamide material to be used for the replacement of 72 dragons that perch on the tiered roof structure of the restored Great Pagoda in Kew Gardens. These were commissioned in order to drastically reduce the potential loading problems incurred by using wood carvings throughout.

[PICTURED: Kew Pagoda]

A bespoke series of tests were devised by Constructive Evaluation to determine whether any structural deformation of the material had occurred during the production process, and also to verify the acceptance of the material for final paint finishes.

[PICTURED: Compressive strength testing]

Later, during construction of the actual 3D printed dragons a sample body, minus head and wings, was required to be tested for wind loading to eliminate any risk of the tail becoming detached from the body once in situ. Due to the initial deflections noted further adjustments were undertaken prior to the dragons’ final construction to meet with the required standards.

[PICTURED: Wind load testing]

Click here for The Guardian's article on the history of the Dragons at Kew

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